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Keep girls on Snapchat interested

Snapchat is a pretty simple concept, sending and receiving of picture, text and video messages that disappear after a short period of time, yet despite its simplicity, Snapchats popularity seems to be soaring. Its user base seems to be expanding at a phenomenal rate

Unlike Facebook which seems to have a pretty even mix of male and female users, Snapchat appears to be particularly favourable amongst the girls, with over 70% of its user base being female.
Because of the number of girls on Snapchat, its no surprise that this little app is quickly becoming a hotspot for guys and girls to flirt however guys, if you want to keep the attention of those lovely ladies, you need to make sure you are on top form and up your game. To help you along, weve put together a few tips on what you can do to keep the Snapchat girls interested.  

Share the Randomness

There is one sure fire way to describe Snapchat and that is random who doesnt love a bit of randomness? Its a great way to break the ice, make the Snapchat girls laugh or hold their attention. So be sure to share those quirky pics you take along with some clever one liners. Remember though, most girls on Snapchat are just like the girl next door, so they may not totally appreciate you sharing anything too disgusting

Be fun and witty

 OK, we get it, youve met a pretty girl and you want to tell her shes pretty, something we dont doubt for a second she will love to hear. But remember there is a fine line between sweet and sappy. Repeatedly telling a girl how pretty, how gorgeous and how beautiful she is will lead to her getting bored pretty quickly and thinking that you have no personality. You wouldnt act like that if you were face to face, so rein it in guys. Instead show her you actually do have a personality and a sense of humour, tell her jokes and send funny pictures, dont be afraid to have a bit of banter.

Be careful

 Last but definitely not least in our tips for keeping the Snapchat girls interested is be careful what you send. Sure the content on Snapchat might be self deleting, but thats not to say the girl on the other side cannot take a screenshot. It can be tempting share NSFW content of yourself to keep the Snapchat girls interested but take a moment to ask yourself, is this girl really who I think she is? Can I trust her? Will these pics ever be used against me? Were pretty sure the last thing you want is for a friend or family member to stumble across a revealing picture of you on the internet, so make sure you choose what you send wisely.

Posted 2014/12/30 03:03:59
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