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How can I use SnapChat on my PC?

SnapChat is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing and most popular apps in the marketplace today. What‚??s not to love? SnapChat allows us to send random and spontaneous picture, video and text messages to your friends, family and even complete strangers that automatically delete after a short period of time.  A question we often get asked here at SnapOrSkip is ‚??how can I use SnapChat on my PC?‚??

At the moment, SnapChat has only officially made their awesome little app available on Android and iOS, but that doesn‚??t mean it isn‚??t possible to use SnapChat from your PC or Mac. There are two easy ways in which you can access SnapChat in this manner by using a web app and by using an Android emulator.

Of the two methods, our preferred is the Android emulator, this means you are able to access the official SnapChat app without having to grant access to a third-party app (following the recent press and headlines related to third party SnapChat apps, we are sure you will agree this is the much safer option and more likely to keep your private messages, pictures and videos private).

There are a number of Android emulators available on the web, by simply typing ‚??Android emulator‚?? into Google or any other search engine you‚??ll see; there have been numerous attempts by various developers to recreate this environment, after exploring and testing some of the more popular, we concluded that our favourite has to be ‚??BlueStacks‚??.

BlueStacks App Player is still in its infancy and only works with a limited number of apps at the moment but the company suggest they are working hard to expand this to over 400,000 in the very near future. We tested SnapChat using BlueStacks and it appears to work very well indeed, we were successfully able to send text messages - something we actually found to be a great deal easier when using a regular keyboard, rather than a mobile keyboard.

Perhaps one downside is the ability to take pictures, BlueStacks had a little difficulty identifying the camera on a couple of devices we tested and when it was able to successfully identify our camera, the picture quality wasn‚??t brilliant. At this stage we suggest sticking with your Smart Phone if you want to take and send pictures.

Despite the few little hiccups the app has, we found that BlueStacks made viewing our SnapChats on our PC an awful lot easier, so if you are looking for a way to use SnapChat on the web or on your PC we suggest you give this a go.
Have you found a SnapChat pc or web client that you feel works particularly well? Share your find with us in the comments section below.

Posted 2014/12/30 02:39:52
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