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Top snapchat usernames all time

 1.  Username: “Moonlightbae” (Ariana Grande)!   

Other than being hot as hell all the time, you’ll find that Ariana also has a humorous side. Both humor and pretty “Moonlightbae” gives you the best of the best. Add her on Snapchat and you’ll see what I mean. 

2. Username: “Zacefron87” (Zac Efron)

Here’s a user for the girls. Zac Efron shares photos showing his great looks and adds a little self-irony to them. The famous actor who grew a lot since “high school” shows you photos of being on the set of some of his movies. You could for example get behind the scenes of movies like “Neighbors”.

3.  Username:  “mileyxxcyrus” (Miley Cyrus)

 Add a little crazy to your tedious workweek. Miley has drawn a lot of attention to herself in the last couple of years. The sweetheart Disney star, who suddenly grew up posing sexual positions and singing about drugs, shows snapchat users that she’s not afraid of the spotlight

4.  Username: “GButer71” (Gerard Butler)

Most movie lovers will recognize Gerard Butler when they see him. He is the star of giant movie hits like “law abiding citizen” and “300”. Add him on snapchat if you’re a movie fanatic. Photo: selfie with Bradley Cooper 


5.   Username:  “Rickthesizzler” (Justin Bieber)

Find out what Justin is doing other than believing. The globally famous singer shares not always pretty selfies, but with almost all of his songs of his new album on most top lists I’d say that he’s a “must have” snapchat user. 


Posted 2016/01/02 00:32:37
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